Golden Twilight Museum will start from today, Saturday, July 22nd!

Thank god, the rainy season is over! The exciting and burning hot summer has finally come! Feeling hot???  Beat the summer heat now!  Visit us at the Fukuoka City Museum. We promise you, it’s cool in here plus, you can learn lots of cool stuff, too!

 Here are some of the reason why you should cool down in this museum:
1.  The special exhibition called “The Golden Pharaohs and Pyramids”.  Yeah, gold, pharaohs and pyramids are cool…and it comes with an English audio guide to help you navigate the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
2. We are extending the museum hours from  17:30  to 20:00 on following dates.  
  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between July 22nd (Sat.). August 27th (Sun.)
  • August 14th and 15th
 That means, more cool hours to enjoy history and culture.
  And to make it more cooler for you, we will be opening a special bar to celebrate our Golden Pharaohs and Pyramids.  We have all sorts of coolers and really rare Scotch whiskies in gold.  No sweat for the prices.  You can enjoy three different shots of whisky for only 900 yen.  Oh, you might even want to try some of our special whiskey-based cocktails.
What’s more, you can even enjoy our permanent and feature exhibition for FREE after 17:30.  And this is another  real hot offer:  we will even treat you to a 200 yen discount on the original ticket price of the Golden Pharaohs and Pyramids.

 Watch out for more special events.  Coming soon, the Twilight Concert and the Golden Museum Bar.  For details, check out our daily updates on this blog.  Enjoy cool and cozy summer nights at the museum!
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How to enjoy the Feature exhibiton #6 War and our way of living 26

 This series of themed exhibition is being held annually to commemorate “The day of The Great Fukuoka Air Raid”, June 19th, 1945. The 26th edition will be introducing the people’s way of living during the war by showing printed materials and pictures.

This is an illustrated story of life during the war. Although it carries a lot of cute images of animals, it’s not just a typical children’s story. It explains how to prepare in case of an air raid.

These are the ramp shades used in that time. These were used to dim the brightness of lights at night, so that enemies wouldn’t locate houses to make them easy targets to attack.

This is how Fukuoka looked like right after the day of The Great Fukuoka Air Raid.

All the artifacts displayed here will show you how pressed life was for Fukuokans during wartime.

Please come see the exhibition and join us in praying for a world without war!

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Series Exhibition :The Fukuoka City Museum meets The Fukuoka Art Museum  Treasures of Kuroda Family Series 2 Kuroda Family and The Study of Natural History

Narikiyo Kuroda, 10th lord of the Fukuoka Clan is known as a “Daimyo-federal lord who favored everything about the Netherlands”. This exhibition introduces the Kuroda family’s way of tackling and studying Natural history, which was originally brought from the Netherlands, by showing some illustrated books done by Narikiyo and Nagahiro, the 10th and 11th lord respectively.

Although these illustrations were drawn for academic reasons, they are just as beautiful as pieces of art. It is remarkable to think that these works were done by feudal lords of the period. They were very talented as artists; don’t you think? 


Please take a look at this picture. This picture of a duck is a work of lord Narikiyo, who had been suffering from an eye disease.

" Maybe we can’t call it a work of a professional, but seeing his drawing of a big duck on full paper, which is probably to scale to the real thing, we can feel how Narikiyo was serious about the study of natural history despite his eye condition."

Our Curator Mr. Takayama commented. 

Please come and see the beautiful illustrations to feel the passion of Japanese feudal lords! 

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Wanted! models for the "KOROKAN COLLECTION"

We are now looking for 29 people to become models for the Korokan Collection – a Fashion show, which features ancient Japanese costumes.

Interested applicants can fill out the application form bellow and send it by e-mail, post or fax. Deadline for application is on July 31, 2017.
Application form download

This is the opening event for our exhibition called “Korokan- The Ancient Gateway to Japan” To get an idea of how the event will look like, watch this video.

Please take this opportunity to try out ancient Japanese costumes!

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このファッションショーは、9月7日~10月22日まで開催される「発見100年記念特別展 よみがえれ!鴻臚館-行き交う人々と唐物-」の関連イベントとして実施されるものです。






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How to enjoy the Feature exhibiton #4 16th Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival Exhibition

Yamakasa Fesitival is fast approaching. If you are in Fukuoka, I think you might already know about the festival, or at least you’ve heard of it. So what makes this festival famous? If you can only think of the naked butts of the men carrying the yamakasa, that is really tragic! You need to learn more about this traditional festival by coming to The Fukuoka City Museum! Here, you can learn more about the festival in our permanent exhibition room.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, we are now holding a featured exhibition called “16th Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival Exhibition”. This is an annual exhibition held in the season of the Yamakasa festival. However, this year is very special.

Did you know that on December 1, 2016 (Japan time), UNESCO officially registered 33 “Yama, Hoko, Yatai, Float Festivals” in Japan including the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival on its list of intangible cultural heritages? To commemorate this, our curator put an extra effort to make it more informative! This is the right time for you to learn more about this world heritage!

Gigantic, isn’t it? This is what a Yamakasa float used to look like.
You can also see the motion pictures of the period. The surrounding doesn’t look like central Fukuoka at all!!

How about checking out the history of the Yamakasa festival before you go to see the latest one? We are waiting for you!

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We have placed a donation box for the North Kyushu flood disaster relief on the first floor.

Fukuoka city is now collecting donations going towards victims of the North Kyushu flood disaster. Donation boxes are placed at the Fukuoka City Office and other branches. You can also make donations by installment.

We have also placed a donation box. We are looking forward to your kind donation.

7/8(Sat.)~12/28(Thur.)  EXTENDED
9:30~17:30(Last admission at 17:00)
 Closed Mondays (If Monday falls on a national holiday, the following day is closed instead.)
*Open August 14 and August 15/ Closed August 16
We will be extending the museum's opening hours until 20:00(admission until 19:30) on following dates.
・Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between July 22nd (Sat.). August 27th (Sun.)
・August 14th and 15th

There are several other activities to support the damaged area now proceeding.
Please check out the city home page for more details. You can also find information on donation by installment here.

Thank you for your kind support and we sincerely hope the damaged area will soon be recovered.

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平成29年九州北部豪雨災害 義援金箱を設置しました






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How to Enjoy Noma Yoshio Collection #3: Folk handicrafts of Kyushu - Discover aesthetic in your surroundings.  -

In this exhibition, you will learn how to appreciate the beauty of everyday items.
There was a gentleman named Noma Yoshio who lived in Kyushu. He discovered beauty in typical utensils, and considered them as objects of art. This urged him to collect a bunch of folk handicrafts.
His collection includes a saddle, baskets and potteries for daily use.
Let me show you one example.

A kneading bowl with a pine tree design

Let’s read Mr. Noma’s comment on this bowl to see how we can further appreciate its beauty.
“White clay was blended on the red clay surface using a brush or a cloth.
The pine tree outline was drawn in using black glaze, which was made out of iron and the trunk part was dubbed by using brown glaze. Green glaze was arranged on top to represent the pine leaves. This bowl is merely one out of thousands of the same design crafted by a potter, but I can’t help admiring the dynamics of the brushwork.”
This bowl, even though it looks beautiful, is not a so called treasure. As Mr. Noma said, it’s merely one out of thousands of its kind. However, thanks to the thousands of continuous work, the brushwork of the potter was somewhat refined to a certain artistic level and Mr. Noma knew how to appreciate it. I’d like you to see the dynamics of the brushwork by actually seeing it!

This exhibition introduces gems from Mr. Noma’s whole collection.
Please take this opportunity to discover and learn more about the beauty of Japanese Folk handicrafts!

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Wanted! Kids ambassadors of Korokan exhibition!

We are now looking for 10 kids to become official ambassadors of our exhibition entitled “Korokan- The Ancient Gateway to Japan”.

Why not join to become the kid ambassador to explore the ancient culture of Japan?

The kids ambassador can receive these benefits:

  • The right to attend several interesting events such as ancient sweets making and scent bag making experience.
  • Special lectures from an expert of Korokan. It is a rare opportunity for you to learn more about the rich history of your own city!
  • The privilege to take one person to the exhibition free of charge, just show the certificate at the counter.
  • The opportunity to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
  • Free copy of special leaflets of the exhibition (this leaflet usually cost 2500 yen)

  • Must be a 3rd-6th grade elementary school students.
  • The elected ambassadors must attend the installation ceremony on 5th of August.

How to apply

Get a postcard with a reply card attached, called “往復はがき(Ouhuku hagaki” from the post office to apply for the event. (It’s 104 yen).
On the blank half of the back side, please write the following information.
  • Name,
  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Height and shoe size, (these are for the measurement for the preparation of the tradition costume.)
  • Name of one of parents,
  • Parent’s contact number, address and e-mail address.
  • Please indicate availability of kids ambassadors and parents or guardians for the following events
Opening Ceremony Saturday September 9th
   Kourokan kids Ambassador Parade Sunday October 8th

*Related information given by parents and ambassadors will be confidential.

On the address field of the back side, please write your name and address, (so that you can get the card mailed back.) On the front side, address section, please write,
〒814-0001 3-1-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Fukuoka City Museum “Korokan Kids Ambassador”

The post card must arrive at the museum by Friday, July 14th.

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  • 展覧会会期中に予定されているイベント・ワークショップに優先的に参加できます。(お菓子・におい袋作り等)
  • 専門家からの特別レクチャーをうけられます。地元の史跡鴻臚館に詳しくなれるので、夏休みの自由研究にも最適です。
  • 大使任命書持参で9月7日(木)から開催される「よみがえれ!鴻臚館」展がご本人ともう1名、何度でも無料になります。また展覧会オープニングイベントに無料ご招待。展覧会図録もプレゼントします。




福岡市早良区百道浜3-1‐1 福岡市博物館 「こども大使係」 までお申込みください。

9月9日(土) オープニングセレモニー
10月8日(日) 鴻臚館こども大使パレード